HI RES POST-KATRINA / PRE-RITA PHOTOS - 1st week September, 2005 - shot in 8th and 9th Ward

photos by Tony Campbell

Q and P in front of famous ST. ROCH SEAFOOD MARKET - best fish place in the neighborhood. Vietnamese owned. Place was looted and severely wind damaged.

National Guardsman smoking outside Lodge. DORA'S SUPERMARKET signs lay in front.

Q and P in front of what used to be Frankie and Johnny's Furniture Store. Store was famous for its great television comercials and the "SPECIAL MAN". Completely destroyed by wind.

The SPELLCASTER LODGE just after flood waters receded. Thousands of Hummers roam the streets. No real people yet.

famous Spellcaster Gable. Notice piece of windblown roofing tile stuck like a knife into the wooden siding.

Q and P in front of another famous St. Claude Furniture store. Store was looted and wind damaged, but not totally destroyed.

Q and P on back porch of Lodge. You can see fallen trees in the background. All trees in the Lodge yards were uprooted and blown over - including a 50-80 years old Peacan tree with a 2 foot diameter trunk.

Spraypainted message on the front porch of a house two doors down from the Lodge on St. Claude Ave. This message was no doubt directed to the national guard or one of the Soldier of Fortune groups who first landed in the city to "keep the peace". Many such messages were found up and down the street.