Story of the 2007 "Cypress Series" Drum Buddies

These instruments were naturally updated and improved from the original 2000 Drum Buddies. The cabinets were created by expert woodworker Marvin Hirsch out of 100% old growth or sinker cypress. Sinker cypress (Taxodium spp.) logs are timbers that were lost during transit from harvest locations in the swamps and mill sites during the industrial cypress harvest from 1880-1930. The wood has a bizzare glowing green color with very tight grains and boards can be anywhere from 100 to 1000 years old. This is some of the rarest wood on earth and is referred to as "Louisianna Gold" by local furniture makers. Each box looks quite different. In addition to the sinker cypress there are also cabinets made from old growth blonde cypress and old growth orange cypress - some with a very rustic pecky look. The one being auctioned is a classic Pecky Cypress.

The top and front panels are new as well...These have been designed and created by Mary Waclaw in her shop in Chicago - shiny black acrylic instead of the aluminum of the first run. The electronics have also been vastly improved and enhanced with a master tuning knob, a cleaner mixer, and a thru feature which essentially means that you can now play any instrument (or even sing) THROUGH the drum buddy - like an effects pedal in tandem with the regular Drum Buddy synth sounds.

a wide shot of the Spellcaster Lodge laboratory. The cabinet in the foreground (back showing) is sinker cypress. See more workshop photos below.

a "Blond Cypress" cabinet (the one featured in the demo video).

the soldering bench.

lined up waiting for tops

This is a classic "pecky cypress" cabinet.

At the work bench with Harriet Tubman